In 2011, I purchased an iPhone 4. I was fascinated by how powerful a small and beautiful device was – the App Store was flourishing with entertainment and utility, video games rendered console-level graphics and performance, and messaging friends became easier than ever with iMessage and FaceTime. However, I grew frustrated with some system functionality in iOS. After researching and brainstorming between classes, I created a series of YouTube videos illustrating interactions and features that made iOS more functional than ever.

The videos quickly went viral. The jailbreak and greater Apple community appreciated the talent and creativity I poured into the concept videos. The concepts were featured on websites like Reddit, The Verge, MacRumors, 9to5Mac, and Gizmodo. Shortly thereafter, I was honored with a series of phone calls, interviews, and eventually an internship at Apple. 

These concepts changed my life and I'm incredibly proud of them...even though they look dated now!

Motion  •  UX  •  Visual


New 4-Inch iPhone in Action

iOS 5 Assistant


iOS 5 Concept Notification Center

iOS 5 Concept UI Improvements


iMessage for Mac OS X Lion

iOS 5 Concept Dynamic Icons


iOS 5 Concept Lion-Style Dashboard

iOS 5 Concept Speech Recognition


iOS 5 Concept Widgets Done Right

iOS 5 Concept Faster App Switching


iOS 5 Concept Integration with Mac OS X

iOS 5 Concept Notification System